To earn revenues in a bear market: how to participate in Onion Mixer LP mining?

Onion Mixer has now officially launched on PolyGon. As the leading coin mixer in DeFi, it successfully continues its strong BSC performance on the new public chain. In less than an hour of its launch, the coin mixing volume has exceeded $17 million, and the number of transaction counts has surpassed 1,600. With transaction mining APY as high as 4278.85%, users participating in early minings have already received enormous benefits.

We have introduced the tutorials for participating in transaction mining in detail in the link below. In the article, it also explains how to configure the PolyGon network at MetaMask and how to buy USDC at Gate and transfer it to PolyGon, for more information please click here.

(The following operations are based on the fact that you have prepared a PolyGon wallet, USDC, and MATIC as the on-chain fee)

Here is a guide on how to participate in Onion Mixer’s LP mining.

Users familiar with Onion Mixer know that Onion Mixer has three mining choices, transaction mining, LP mining and holding mining (you can check the white paper for details). From the data performance of BSC, the LP mining boasts the highest yields and is the most stable mining model compared with the other two mining methods.

Even though it has been launched for only a month, Onion Mixer successfully maintains a yield of 1000% for LP mining on BSC. Therefore, if you have missed the chance of participating in early minings on PolyGon, don’t worry! The yield of LP mining is extremely high as well. It can help you quickly recoup your investment principal in this down market.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial:

LP mining consists of two steps.

Obtaining LP tokens: this requires you to go to SushiSwap to provide liquidity for the OMT/USDC pair.

Stake LP tokens: stake LP on Onion Mixer’s LP Mining page to start mining.

1. Prepare both USDC and OMT tokens

USDC is relatively easy to obtain. You can buy it directly on Gate and transfer it to PolyGon. The link below is the tutorial.

Because Onion Mixer’s deployment on PolyGon is not through the cross-chain bridge, the OMT on the original BSC can not be transmitted to PolyGon, all OMT can only be obtained through transaction mining, transaction mining tutorial, please see: i06cMDTx8lgXV8zJ1BT9tg

Then, withdraw the transaction mining rewards OMT to the wallet.

You can visit this page ( to check your LP mining revenues at any time. Click on “CLAIM TO VAULT” to deposit your earnings into the staking pool to receive dividends. In this way, you can enjoy the dual benefits of mining and dividends.

If you want to get higher LP mining income, you can stake more LP tokens to get a higher liquidity share by following the tutorial and repeating the above operations.

USDC purchase tutorial

How to use Polygon

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Onion Mixer is the first decentralized cross-chain anonymous transaction contract.

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Onion Mixer

Onion Mixer is the first decentralized cross-chain anonymous transaction contract.