Onion Mixer Weekly Report(May 25-June 7)

Dear Onioners:

To make it easier for you to better understand Onion Mixer and to capture the latest news, we prepared the weekly report of Onion Mixer for you. The following is the work progress of Onion Mixer from May 25th to June 7th. Welcome to read!

Besides, Onion INO on DEGO is going to start at 12pm(UTC) June 8th. Whitelist users please log in DEGO on time to use your valuable credential. Users who do not qualify for INO can also qualify for 250 whitelist by participating in the upcoming IDO campaign.

If you have any question, please join our community and contact the group administrator: https://t.me/OnionMixerOfficial Any comments are welcome!

Operation Development

NEWSBTC, a well-known overseas media, published the article Privacy Protection: The Future of DeFi, affirming the importance of anonymous tokens in the future DeFi. The article mentioned that, the value of anonymous tokens is not only to realize the true decentralization, but also to protect users’ privacy and asset security, which is extremely important and has a wide range of application scenarios. The article also mentioned that Onion Mixer, as the first decentralized protocol for cross-chain anonymous transactions, has attracted the attention of multiple investment institutions and individual investors with its outstanding performance. NEWSBTC will also continue to follow Onion Mixer. For details, please see:


DEGO announced its strategic cooperation in the article DEGO Finance and Onion Mixer have reached a Strategic Partnership, asserting that they would cooperate closely to create a new frenzy of DeFi. DEGO is a famous cross-chain NFT+DeFi protocol & infrastructure, it enables Onion Mixer to gradually grow into a private transaction infrastructure. For details, please see:


Onion Mixer published its Onion Mixer INO Whitelist Guide book. It gladly announced that Onion Mixer would officially start INO on the DEGO platform on June 8, 2021. By then, 50,000 USDT worth of OMT would be released. The INO participation is only open to addresses in the whitelist, and the whitelist registration will be only open for 6 days. In the end, Onion Mixer will finalize 200 whitelist addresses through random selection. The moment the event was launched, the market went into a frenzy, with users from the community and twitter strongly supporting and enthusiastically participating in. For details, please see:https://onionmixer.medium.com/onion-mixer-ino-whitelist-guide-book-1a01ebfc81da

BSC NEWS published the article DEGO Finance Announces Onion Mixer INO Following DEFO & Onion Mixer Partnership, claiming that “the partnership will give DEGO more leverage and tools to extend the utility of non-fungible tokens (NFT)”. According to the article, Onion Mixer’s upcoming INO event, which is scheduled on the June 8th, is highly expected, and the frenzy of the event would further increase the scarcity of INO whitelist slots. For details, please see:


Onion Mixer announced that it would release long pictures of the Onion Classroom on a regular basis to deepen users’ understanding of the project. The Onion Classroom is a series of columns prepared by Onion Mixer and community volunteers. Each course is humorous and easy-to-understand, which is loved by users and obtains many retweets. For details, please see:


This week, Onion Mixer published the Medium article What is the application future for the anonymous protocol Onion Mixer? Taking the prospects and application scenarios of Onion Mixer as a starting point, the article pointed out the privacy needs and the huge market gap in DeFi and how Onion Mixer satisfies those needs and fills in the gap. For details, please see:


Onion Mixer tweeted to announce that Onion INO finished successfully! Over 1,500 applications were received and many medias and press, such as cryptoswan and cryptopalace, and KOLs retweeted to show their supports. For details, please see:


Onion Mixer published the OnionINO Whitelist announcement and the INO Participation Guide, which announced the addresses of the 200 applicants who has won the whitelist invitations. The article specifically pointed out that all participation and trust is very much appreciated. For participants who do not win the opportunity, their addresses will be added into candidacy of Onion IDO held on DODO in the middle June, to compete for the 250 whitelist addresses released. Please stay tuned! For details, please see:


Technology Development

Certik, a well-known smart contract audit provider, conducted the code audit for Onion Mixer. Onion Mixer received Certik’s preliminary audit report on June 2 and received the official audit report on June 5. The official audit report will be released in the near future, please stay tuned.

At present, the front-end development has been completed, and the protocol has been created. The protocol address is: 0x943978707717D4d73dA6F74312AeF59feaFE368c

Onion Mixer is tensely preparing the upcoming IDO on DODO on June 15. The registration of IDO whitelist will be open this weekend. For detailed information, please follow the official Twitter of Onion Mixer: https://twitter.com/OnionMixer

Community development

On May 28, Onion Mixer was invited to guest an AMA event held by the Satoshi Club, a famous overseas community. In this event, Onion Mixer answered in detail the hot topics that users are concerned about, such as the road map of Onion Mixer, zero-knowledge theory, security, etc. It also announced the blockbuster news: Onion Mixer’s upcoming INO. For details, please see:


On June 4, Onion Mixer was invited to guest another AMA event held by a famous overseas community: Decentralized Club. In this event, Onion Mixer express its gratitude to its users for their support and company all along, and announced that it will continue to lauch INO and IDO activities in the next half month, which will continue to set off the market. For details, please see:


About Onion Mixer:

Onion Mixer is the first decentralized protocol for anonymous cross-chain transactions.

Onion Mixer adopts the token shuffle approach that combines CoinJoin and zero-knowledge proof. It supports anonymous token transactions on both Ethereum and BSC. And by enabling liquidity mining, it also provides extra revenues for users.

Contact us:





Gitbook: https://onionmixer.gitbook.io/onion-mixer/



Onion Mixer is the first decentralized cross-chain anonymous transaction contract.

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Onion Mixer

Onion Mixer is the first decentralized cross-chain anonymous transaction contract.