Onion Mixer INO Whitelist Guide book

Dear Onioners,

We are glad to announce that Onion Mixer will officially start INO on the DEGO platform on June 8, 2021!

We will release OMT of 50,000 USDT and the price of INO is 0.0004U, making the total OMT 125 million. 10% OMT will be released upon the listing and the rest 90% will be unlocked in the following 9 months.

INO participation is only open to addresses in the whitelist. There are in total 100 whitelist addresses available and each whitelist address is eligible to purchase 500U OMT. All users who complete the task and fill out the form between May 28th 12:00 (UTC) and June 3th 12:00 (UTC) will have the opportunity to obtain the qualification of INO whitelist in Onion Mixer!

Come and participate!

Rules are follows:

1.Join in both Onion Mixer Telegram Grouphttps://t.me/OnionMixerOfficial and DEGO Group http://t.me/dego_finance

2. Follow both Onion Mixer https://twitter.com/OnionMixer and DEGO https://twitter.com/dego_finance on Twitter

3.Quote this tweet and @ 3 friends

4.Fill the form:https://forms.gle/wB5H7KRZW5uHP8Kk8

We will randomly select 100 users to join the whitelist.

To win more purchase quota:

You can win more purchase quota through one of the four ways below:

1. Invite 100 participants or more to join Onion Mixer Telegram group https://t.me/OnionMixerOfficial before June 8, and you will receive 1 whitelist addresses. To record members you have invited, newcomers should reply “Thanks for @xxxxx invite me into Onion Mixer.”

2. If you are run a self-media, you will receive 1 whitelist addresses for each article published about Onion Mixer which have more than 300 views.

3. If you are a veteran DeFi miner and holds DEGO tokens of more than 10,000 USDT, you will receive 1 whitelist addresses.

4. Top 200 users with the highest positions in Tornado and other coin mixing projects will receive 1 whitelist addresses.

Please fill out the form after completing your task: https://forms.gle/Svrq1gwwhrqMjC2n9

Onion Mixer will finalize all whitelist addresses through random selection. The ultimate address number and the quota for this public sale will be released three days after the event.

If you complete the task but unfortunately are not on the whitelist, you will have the opportunity to share 10,000 Onion Mixer tokens with other participants.

Reminder: All addresses on the whitelist need to log in Dego (https://dego.finance/) and complete the purchase on INO platform before June 8. The tokens offered are of limited number. First come, first served!

About the Project:

Onion Mixer is the first decentralized protocol for anonymous cross-chain transactions.

Onion Mixer adopts the token shuffle approach that combines CoinJoin and zero-knowledge proof. It supports anonymous token transactions on both Ethereum and BSC. And by enabling liquidity mining, it also provides extra revenues for users.

Contact us:

Official Website:https://onionmixer.com




Gitbook: https://onionmixer.gitbook.io/onion-mixer/



Onion Mixer is the first decentralized cross-chain anonymous transaction contract.

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Onion Mixer

Onion Mixer is the first decentralized cross-chain anonymous transaction contract.