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This program aims to promote Onion(OMT) overseas market and serve more OnionMixer users. Considering the diversity and cultural differences of overseas community members.

2.Recruitment Requirements

The local communities’ moderator are required to meet the following requirements:

①Rich working experience, community influence and resources in the blockchain industry in local country;

②Proactive working attitude and sense of responsibility, working hours are always online and can be contacted at any time;

③In-depth understanding of OnionMixer project, holding more than10,000 OMT (or providing Onion vault staking proof);

④The applicants can be an individual or an operation team

3.Incentive Mechanism

The Onion operations team will only reward the top 5 communities’ CMs for monthly performance. According to the ranking, the reward amount is as follows:

Ranking rules

The ranking will depend on the community’s engagement in the OMT official website visit data based on Google analysis.

Engagement indicators will include but not limit to the number of official website visit volume, retweets number, the number of bounty campaign participants (eg. people will be asked to fill out a bounty quiz form which can select their local community ), the number of active days in the community, and the number of participants in other officially designated activities.

Ranking evaluation mechanism

  • CMs should report the Engagement indicators in each event by filling in a Google form provided by OMT operation team. The number of people reported by all CMs will be disclosed in the CM s management community to facilitate mutual supervision of ranking performance and to show the fairness and justice of competition .
  • The effective Engagement indicators standard for each event is determined by the OMT operations team.
  • Only CMs that meet local community management standards and CM responsibilities can participate in the selection.

Local community management standards:

  • To maintain a stable growth of the community, there must not be a substantial decline in the number of people.
  • Clean up spam and scammers in the community in time.
  • Ensure daily community activity (not less than 20 conversations).
  • Forward the messages of the OMT operation team in time and explain to the community members in local language.

CM Responsibilities:

  • CM is obliged to complete the work tasks assigned by the OMT operations team.
  • CM is obliged to actively participate in activities organized by the OMT community and introduce local community members to the official community.
  • CM is obliged to translate and forward the news or other promotion materials released by OMT.
  • CM is obliged to establish an official Twitter account in the region and update the official information in time to participate in the competition.
  • In the ranking competition, CM cannot use cheating or robots or deception. Once cheating is found, the CM will be disqualified.

4.Payment rule and Performance evaluation

(1)Payment rule

The rewards of the community moderators of last month shall be settled at 15th each month.The exchange rate of OMT/usd used for settlement shall be based on the price on pancake. After going to the exchange, the average price of OMT of payment day will be used to calculate the actual price received by the community moderators.


1) This plan will be adjusted according to the operation of Onion’s requirements.

2) OnionMixer reserves right of final interpretation of the above terms.

3)This trail program is officially implemented on July 2nd, 2021.

Pls fill this google form, our CM will contact you in one week when we receive your application.:


Onion Mixer

Onion Mixer is the first decentralized protocol for anonymous cross-chain transactions.

Onion Mixer creates the new “anonymous transactions + DeFi” approach that combines CoinJoin and zero-knowledge proof. It supports anonymous token transactions on public chains such as ETH, BSC, HECO, TRC, etc. And by enabling liquidity mining, holding mining, anonymous transaction mining, it allows users to obtain extra revenues while enjoying high-quality anonymous transaction services.

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Onion Mixer

Onion Mixer is the first decentralized cross-chain anonymous transaction contract.