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Onion Mixer
4 min readJun 30, 2021


On June 24, Onion Mixer was officially launched. In less than 5 days, the transaction volume exceeded $80 million with over 4,300 transaction counts, making Onion Mixer one of the protocols with the best anonymity and depth. Onion Mixer’s tokenomics enables three different mining methods, including transaction mining, liquidity mining and staking mining. The average APY provided surpasses 2000%. As of the writing, over 48 million OMT has been repurchased and 760,000 OMT burned, creating a profit of over $100,000 for OMT holders. Such a radiant performance owes its thanks to the recognition and support of every member of the Onion Mixer community, who are the important driving force behind Onion Mixer’s continuous progress.

While delivering eye-catching performance, Onion Mixer has also attracted the attention of some capital institutions and exchanges from traditional finance and received many invitations for cooperation. After careful research and in-depth team discussions, we believe that Onion Mixer can achieve the connection with CeFi through cooperation, which helps to expand Onion Mixer’s ecological boundary, bring a new wave of traffic and capital to its protocol, and thereby promotes its overall growth. As a decentralized project that promotes community autonomy, we have also launched a poll on this partnership proposal in Onion Mixer’s community, which has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from community members.

Therefore Onion Mixer decided to launch a global initiative to seek partners in CeFi and DeFi and form a DeFi Exchange Alliance to build a bridge between CeFi institutions and DeFi projects, through which to achieve a more inclusive financial ecosystem, and enable DeFi projects to take the full advantage of CeFi resources. In this way, Onion Mixer contributes to building a new financial world where CeFi and DeFi march forward with joint hands. The DeFi Exchange Alliance seeks to fulfill the following goals:

  • a more convenient investment channel, where investors can get the opportunity to participate in the OMT ecology through CEX easily;
  • connect with more DeFi projects in the Alliance to share resources and create compound DeFi products and opportunities;
  • open up new market opportunities. Through integrating quality communities around the globe, the DeFi Exchange Alliance enables OMT to reach larger transaction markets located in non-mainstream countries.
  • realize decentralized community governance, where every community member in the alliance will become a builder and manager of Onion Mixer.
  • achieve stronger community consensus, where DAO management will unite community members in a more effective way, thereby making Onion Mixer a truly community-driven DeFi project.

For the crypto industry, the DeFi Exchange Alliance will play the following roles:

1. Give full play to the scalability of DeFi and launch more innovative derivatives to provide users with more diversified transaction products and create more revenue;

2. Extend and expand the ecology of each individual exchange to form a network effect and maintain long-term competitiveness in the development process;

3. Support high-quality DeFi projects and provide them with a full range of resources in funding, transaction, traffic, branding by uniting the industry’s top investment institutions, transaction platforms, media, etc.. In the process, the Alliance will enable higher investment returns.

4.Provide developers with more diverse innovative facilities and basic services to help the entire blockchain technology ecosystem mature.

To give full play to the influence of the DeFi Exchange Alliance and allow more projects to enjoy the benefits brought by the Alliance, Onion Mixer will send out No Objection Letters to major DeFi projects after the official establishment of the Alliance. Invitation recipients will automatically become the members if no objections raised. For those who are not invited, Onion Mixer cordially welcome all DeFi projects and look forward to receiving your applications. We firmly believe, through the Alliance, DeFi projects will have in-depth collaboration in technology development, setting industry standards, increasing liquidity and sharing resources. The creation of DeFi Exchange Alliance is a mutually reciprocal strategy that benefits all ecologies and parties involved, including but not limited to developers, project founders, and community governors. By uniting all projects and people together, Onion Mixer will bring a brighter future for global finance.

Onion Mixer

Onion Mixer is the first decentralized protocol for anonymous cross-chain transactions.
Onion Mixer creates the new “anonymous transactions + DeFi” approach that combines CoinJoin and zero-knowledge proof. It supports anonymous token transactions on public chains such as ETH, BSC, HECO, TRC, etc. And by enabling liquidity mining, holding mining, anonymous transaction mining, it allows users to obtain extra revenues while enjoying high-quality anonymous transaction services.

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Discord: https://discord.gg/Kw44Rxg4
GitHub: https://github.com/Onion-Mixer
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Onion Mixer

Onion Mixer is the first decentralized cross-chain anonymous transaction contract.